Carbon fiber mens ring: their pros 

Carbon fiber mens ring: their pros 

carbon fiber mens ring

Carbon fiber mens ring is currently a trend in the jewelry world, especially for those who are looking for something different from traditional wedding rings. For, it is one of the alternative materials in jewelry that fuses fashion and technology in affordable, beautiful and highly resistant pieces. 

Although it also brings other attributes that, frankly, we didn’t know we needed.

If you are considering getting carbon fiber rings, you will surely have some questions and doubts about it. So here are some of the lesser-known reasons why you should (or shouldn’t) buy carbon fiber rings.

What is carbon fiber?

Carbon fiber mens ring was invented by Thomas Edison some 150 years ago. However, it was only around the 1950s that the material as we know it today was developed when it was created in the U.S. and then refined and improved by aerospace agencies. 

While carbon fiber can be made from a variety of materials, the most commonly used material is polyacrylonitrile, also known as PAN.

Carbon fiber has numerous uses and is an extremely versatile material. It has only recently begun to be used in jewelry, but is quickly distinguishing itself as a great option, especially for rings.

Technically, carbon fiber is not a metal, but a material made of tightly woven fibers. When you first put one on, you may notice that it feels different than metal rings.

Types of carbon fiber rings we can find

Most carbon fiber rings on the market are a combination of metal and carbon fiber inlays. What this means is that a strip of carbon fiber is placed inside a groove in a metal ring. So if you notice that the parts of the ring that touch your finger are all metal, wearing such a ring awould feel no different than wearing other metal rings.

But if it has no metal, it means that the entire band has been made only from carbon fiber. Naturally, this would feel much lighter and the texture would be different than a metal ring.

Whether you choose a pure carbon fiber ring or an inlay ring is up to you. The good thing is that this gives you many more color combinations, prices and styles to choose from.

Carbon Fiber Ring: Pros

There are many advantages to this space-age material. Here are a few:

Durability of carbon fiber.

Carbon fiber mens ring is one of the toughest materials used for wedding rings and can withstand rough wear and exposure without taking too much damage. While some metals tend to break or crack when dropped, such as tungsten or ceramic, carbon fiber does not. In fact, it could walk over a carbon fiber ring and bounce right back.

If your carbon fiber ring gets scratches and marks over time, they can be easily polished with fine sandpaper. It is extremely durable, making it perfect for people who lead busy lifestyles and use their hands a lot for work.

Weight of carbon fiber

Carbon fiber is known for being extremely lightweight, so much so that you may not even notice you have a ring on. To put this in perspective, carbon fiber mens ring is about 3 times lighter than titanium, which itself is one of the lightest metals used for jewelry.

If you are used to heavy rings such as gold, platinum or tungsten, this lightness may seem a bit unsettling at first. Most people find that as they get used to this lack of weight, they actually prefer it to a heavier ring.