7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Contractor

7 Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing a Contractor

Remodeling on Purpose: When the homeowner is open and honest about what they desire as well as being honest about their expectations, they’re entering into the relationship of remodeling in a purposeful manner.

These secrets will help you choose the best contractor for your project.

The more clarity you have about what your expectations are as a homeowner, the fewer problems will arise during the project.

Communication and research are truly the first steps to making a wise decision. You do this for most large purchases, why not before you move into the relationship of remodeling?

Homeowners, learn why you “should” never choose a contractor based on the price alone; either the highest (thinking you would receive more value and better product) or the lowest because you “need to get a deal”.

  1. You pick a contractor based on money alone.

It really is true that “you get what you pay for”. Whether it’s high or low it’s quite simple – know what’s included; what are you really getting for the price you will pay?

  1. You think all contractors are the same?

No two contractors are the same and no two remodels are the same because all houses and homeowners are different. When meeting for the first time, communicate and listen! This will allow you to see exactly where each contractor differs. If you feel you like two who are very similar, always go with your gut as to how you feel about each one before you make a final decision.

  1. I suggest you call more than one contractor for bids.

Sometimes it’s not possible to get three contractors out to bid your job but at the very least I suggest you get two bids – unless, of course, you’ve worked with a contractor prior and like everything about that company, because once you find a good fit, go with it. If you feel comfortable with them and their communication, it’s (in most cases) that simple – go with what works.

  1. In a “down market” you should get it for less.

Homeowners, just as your cost of living has not gone down, the same is true for the contractor. So, why would you even think you’d get the job for less? Just because someone has not worked for some time does not mean they are desperate enough to charge less. Believe me you don’t want them to charge less than they need to do the job correctly just so you can get a deal.

  1. You think the job should get done “over-night”.

Real life remodeling is not Hollywood or reel life. Things take time and overnight does not exist other than “the paint will dry over-night and we’ll do the second coat tomorrow”.

  1. You pick a contractor who doesn’t draw up a time schedule that makes sense or discuss how that could possibly change.

Talk about time, money and mess up-front, and discuss it with clarity and good communication which includes listening. You want absolute, crystal clarity on time-frame while at the same time knowing delays are possible. Once a conversation has been had, it’s much less annoying when or if delays do come up.

  1. Homeowners, do not ask for references and if they do, they do not call them. What, then, is the point?

This is probably the most simple way to avoid nightmares along with clear, honest communication. Listen, ask questions and if you don’t feel you are a fit for each other – walk away. It’s OK for both the client and the contractor to say no also make sure your contractors offers Insurance Claims Service because is probably the most important part of the deal.